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oh man… eyebags are getting bigger nowadays.
im so busy these few days, trying to make up for loss time. from working the extra hours to just simple things like having some time and smokes with old friends. yes, ‘smokes with old friends’ seem very simple and chill, but its how i give up my own time for it, which makes me rather exhausted. besides, i’ve got a gig to prepare for the following sunday. so i dont really my weekends to stone and chill. i just hope that nth will disrupt my upcoming sunday. cos it seems that i have to make up for loss sleeping time. haha.

anyway, got myself a new pair of glasses. i think theyre pretty big and thick. haha. but my sister chose it afterall, claiming that i look ‘cute’ in it. well, i just hope she was telling me the truth! but i think i look ok with it on.

and im broke! shit. despite not even spending much, money still flew away like time. just basic necessities like topping up my train fare, and having a haircut, made me broke. but i dont really rely on money that much. so i can cope pretty okay. but it would be kinda nice to have a few bucks to spare…. hmm…

what else too to make me tired, but my job itself. yes i may have mentioned many MANY times that dont have to do much during work. BUT, i feel that i am working my ass off now. not really certain why. but what i think is that i am going to miss my job after leaving in july, so i wanna make the best out of the remaining time i have. lets make beautiful cups of coffee!

so right now i hope that people dont say i do nothing to earn money. 😀

anyway, went to FLIPSIDE 2009 at the esplanade on sat, with some friends. i guess that everything i saw that day was a breath of fresh air, cos the concept of music played that day wasn’t those i really listen to. but nonetheless i really enjoyed the performances there, and respect those performers by the bay. especially the japanese band that day, think their name was LooVee or something. they were energetic and had great stage presence. they, being the last performance, ended the days show with a bang! was really something new and different for japanese to play 2 tone ska music. much appreciated performance! hope to see them again at the espalanade.

well, guess i’ve wasted enough saliva. my head is spinning like a roller coaster. guess i should be getting sleep soon. goodbye wordpress!


the most boring and stupid week.
alot of tiny meaningless things happened, and i guess its all these tiny things that make up the week. surprisingly all of this small but significant things made me tired and occupied. i must say that without them, my week would be even more boring.

firstly, my parents asked me to quit me job on sat, which was quite sudden for me. so being confused and unhappy of the decision they made FOR me, i left the house soon after they brought up the subject. and i only came back late at night, which put me to sleep immediately after i reached home. and i didnt talk to anyone at home till i got my form for the 6 weeks thingy at bangkok. which led to many more wonders.

the moment i begin speaking to them about the trip, they brought up many wonderful topics to talk about. first, they talked about my counselling session which i had on monday. and i said that i have to go for a final session on thursday, which made them think im that terrible. but actually its just a standard procedure to go for the second session. oh well.

after asking about the counsel session, of of the blue… they asked about my lip piercing the next morning. they waked me up in the early morning, even before i wake up to prepare for school, just to ask about it. i just told them that its hole closed already. they obviously didnt believe. but when i used my tongue to check if the stud was still there, i realised that it wasnt there anymore, and that i have swallowed it when i was sleeping. haha. so i WAS telling them the truth afterall. maybe im born an honest person. hmm…

and there was that counselling session today which was a truely not worth waiting for. it only lasted for 5 minutes, and it only started at 5. it took quite a while to wait for the so called session to begin, and end shortly after. its as good as filling up the form and reading the booklet. i just thought that they should save both my time and theirs as i think i understand enough about this whole counselling thing, being quite ‘experienced’ at it. haha.

well, i got work tmr on fri. starting at 3 30. not mentally prepared for it but so what. all im looking forward to is saturday! a fun filled day consisting of 3 main events : jamming, shisha, and the release of my pay! so looking forward to a break after this week of mayhem.

i wanna take my head off this week and get high. hahah.

such a tiring week.

so much to do, so little time. other than just the daily routines to school, there’s still work. and work just seems to get more hectic and demanding day by day. its been two days straight that i rushed from school to work, and theres still tomorrow to go. i don’t mind the work, but the management is just fucked nowadays. and just when things seem bad enough, the boss is still gonna drop by the outlet tomorrow for a spot check, which explains why i have to sparkle the outlet just to impress big boss man.

but i don’t think i will be staying there for long as i think i have found myself a better job, i think. i have yet to go for interview, but i guess i will be able to get the job as the bar is looking for part time bartenders, and plus plus, i have experience as a barista too, which has similar jobscope to a bartender. i guess its gonna make my life easier if i work there, despite the fact that i have to work late hours. i can choose my days to work, and they are paying bigger bucks too, and theres still tips yet to include! im really looking forward to bartending there as i always thought that it was cool to work as bartender. but i dont suppose that my parents would be looking forward to it as eagerly as me.

i dont think they would allow me to work anymore due to school, and whats more in a bar. i dont blame them for forbidding me from working there, but i just feel that this is the time of my life that i should pick up as much skills and expertise as possible. call me workaholic for all i care, but i feel its more wholesome if i have fun in work and learn something, even in such a place, than to just do stupid, out-of-my-mind stuff. i have done more than enough of that already, i think. it may be hard to juggle many stuff all at once, but thats just how i learn my mistakes and grow up. i choose to work my way up, though i may not be on top; rather than be on top, but spoilt. perhaps my perspective is just different from my parents. but i just hope they would understand the situation and feel thankful for me. i may not be the angel every parent wishes for, but at least i know where to draw the line.

anyway, im really looking forward to a good weekends rest. i feel i didnt spend enough time with my friends and loved ones these few days, and figured that this weekends will be a good time to make up for it. thennnnn… after the weekends, i guess its time for counselling. shit. if only i wasnt caught smoking in campus. oh well.

im off.

it was a rather busy week. but pretty fun and special too; there were a few so-called significant things that happened within this week. i had another performance on saturday, 9 may. it was a charity event in support of hope flag day. our band was up at 1 pm. it was pretty scary as what we played can be heared clearly from the mrt station, and besides my mom and sister was around. i asked my mom to come as i wanted to dedicate this performance to her, as an early mothers day thingy. everything was fine during performance, except for the bloody soundman who was present physically, only. he was sleeping throughout all performances, and we were quite pissed at him over that. oh well. things went “ok” anyway.

in this week, i got two piercings done too! got one done under my bottom lip where i used to have previously, and decided to do one more at a different spot. i got a smiley done with a horseshoe stud placed. the lip piercing was quite demanding as i only found out that i had a 1.2 mm hollow needle only after i bought 1.6 mm studs. so in the end i forced the stud into the tiny peeping hole, which teared me a little. haha. so what. the pain IS the fun. and its even more fun if its done yourself. i also did a piercing for melvin at the lower lip, like mine. but he put his lip out slightly to the right when i was piercing; so his piercing ended up slanted. haha. funny. thats for drooling on my hand in the process and nearly causing me to vomit!

i had to work on monday evening too. last minute call. was pretty pissed as i had to come right after my s&w lesson. i was running shift as acting supervisior as i had to take over her. despite the role given, there was nothing much to supervise. so its was a fucking waste of time. but i get paid for doing nothing. so yea. i had work yesterday too. things were not as boring as monday, but still boring. there wasnt any customers from like 6 to 8 pm, and all i did at that time was to contaminate my lungs further. it was soooooo boring, that i took a marshmallow and drew a smiley face, then put it in the dishwasher. and coincidentally it came out with a sad, droopy face. haha. then we took it for another ride indise the dishwasher; and it came out without a face anymore. great. next experiment will involve oreo cookies. 😀

tomorrow will be a long day too. after school tomorrow, i will meet my bandmates and go for another topless jamming session! haha. topless jamming sessions are fun as we get to see each others ‘body parts’ shaking as we headbang or whatever to the music. also we will see each others sweat rolling down our torsos, as it accumulates and floods our bellybuttons. sweet.

ANYWAY… we gotta have the jamming session as we have another performance this saturday at belzone entertainment, a pub ear outram park mrt station. our performance is at 4 and its a one hour slot. this is the longest time slot we ever had. but…syncrew is gonna kick ass this saturday! and we’re gonna get drunk after that! (: we are playing an estimated number of 12 to 14 songs in the hour, which is most likely going to flood my bellybutton even with my shirt on. even sweeter. it is also gonna wear me out totally. but not a problem. cos after this gig, i think we’re gonna take a break for a while and work on some original works. we are also gonna take some time off and refine our performing styles, as well as develop our skills more, before going for more future performances!

though it may have leeched out all of my strength, the week’s been great!

this week has been tiring. alot of hours were spent in school and outside. besides school, i had to work and rehearse for upcoming public performances. i didn’t have much hours of sleep, but nonetheless, i still have to make the best of this week and have fun!

okay… i hope it isn’t too late to post something.

anyway, my band and i played in a gig on sunday. i should say that we did a better job than our previous gig, which i think was quite terrible.

before performing, the quartet felt uncomfortable and worried, thinking back about our previous demoralising performance. but we told each other that things are going to be better as the four of us should have learned many lessons from that performance. so we went to stage with a clear mind, and gave our best shot.

…and things WERE a whole lot better, though there were unexpected things that happened; like the bass amplifier that produced distorted sounds, and the drum throne that broke during our last song! i had no choice but to play the drums while barely sitting. how tiring. but those occurances are totally uncalled for, therefore we didn’t feel demoralised in any way.

we had a blast, and thats all that mattered.